And then it pours
On the parched land
Dust rising up in smoke
Battered by the monsoon
The smell of the earth
Is in every breath

Rain drops hanging on coconut palms
Swinging in the wind
Polished leaves of the banana tree
Shimmering green
Leaning sideways
Roofs leaking
Buckets in the hallway- overflowing
Rainwater harvesting??? Certainly not!!!!
Everything is wet

Peering from the window
Giggling at those getting wet
battling the rain and wind with their umbrellas
We sip simmering hot, see-through brown tea
And wait
For it to cease

Flashes in the sky
And rumbling
we scatter indoors
Mirrors covered by bed sheets
And curtains drawn
We sneak a peak

Everything in the house is dark
And damp
Cuddling pillows
Made warm by us
We sleep
To the rain
Beating down on the roof

The monsoon lullaby

Sashikala Premawardhane

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