Mama’s eyebrows rose
As she spoke animatedly
about our intended trip ‘down under’
And a million other details
Car insurance, lunch and whether overcoats were needed?
I watched but didn’t hear
Dad sat in a white sarong
Folded above his knees
Slumped in a chair
And spoke nothing
He had a crumpled face in the morning
74 years of living
His white hair was becoming black again
Much to my mother’s amusement
Probably all the vitamins we surmised
We sit like this
On three chairs
having milk tea and dates
discussing all sorts of titbits
for 15 minutes before we separate
for our daily routines
a family triangle
somedays we change our seats
my dad and I
but mama always sits
in her place like the sun
while we revolve
This is her court
She rules much to our discontent
We have been planning our revolt for years…..

Sashikala Premawardhane

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