Sinking my feet into the sand
I waited for the wave
And hoped by tomorrow
I would be able to wash away
The memories we made
On the beach

If I had a million lovers
Would that make things different?
I wondered…..
Or would my mind be crowded with a thousand
Touches clinging
Like memories of you and me

I would have reached out and held your hand
As you stroked my thigh that night
Had I thought this meant something to you
Sanity prevailed
I knew you had too much to drink
And by tomorrow
This moment would be forgotten
And I was right

If I was made differently
And your touches meant nothing
We could have gone on
Fooling each other
It costs too much of me
And I know now why
I stay away
From the million lovers I could’ve had since ….

Sashikala Premawardhane

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