I see you reaching out
Wanting me so desperately to understand
Yet I stand passive, impregnable
You speak
Trying to soothe my frantic mind with your words
Yet my mind is numb, indifferent
Your eyes search my face for a sign, a response
Yet my face reveals nothing
And my eyes remain neutral
You reach out your hand to touch my face
Yet that touch so basic fails make a connection
I watch you from afar
My mind detached, my heart closed
One word
Beating down my heart
The emptiness of an infinity precious thing lost!
Fills my mind
And the pain, the darkness remain
Only as a distant, cruel reminder
Of a betrayed soul
Walking like a shadow of a man
One step behind
A constant cruel whip lashing down
My desolate and damned heart
And you dare ask me to understand?

Sashikala Premawardhane

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