Words you said
pierced my heart
blood turned to tears
flowing freely
I listen
Squeezing my eyes shut

You speak
With anger almost
And tell me repeatedly
How we can never be together
If we ever were to be with each other
For a longer time
You say you would tire of me soon
Once the novelty of the lovemaking wears off

Patronizing me
Saying how I’ll never
Find someone the way I live
You tell me to
Get out there
And make the effort
To meet someone new
“you’ll never get married” you say
Disapproving of my conservative viewpoints
On dating, loving, living

You tell me I should have left
And staying back was a huge mistake
Each word like a knife
Only you don’t know it
Pride won’t let me show it

I listen
And think
I can’t help how my heart feels for you
I can’t be with someone else
Even if you don’t want to be with me

I tell my heart to be quiet
And listen to what you say
Listen and learn
to un-love…..

Sashikala Premawardhane

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