You couldn’t wait
To get through my clothes
And onto my skin
Exasperated by them
and their unwillingness to cooperate
you sighed
as if that would help
you get through this
In the middle of kissing me
You would stop and breathe
Lips still on mine
For the briefest of moments
And take me in

It was obvious
You had been waiting too long
For this night to end without
More skin being seen
Chocolate nipples arching
To meet your lips
thumb in my naval
and eyes trained
on underwear
being pulled off
all this while
wrapped up in unwrapping me
eyes half closed
are heavy with want

I’d trade it all
For a hug
And your hand in mine
More skin, more skin, more skin
It’s clear what you need.

Sashikala Premawardhane

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