Someone told me
That we should just hook up
It frightened me
That I thought about that for a moment
Before saying no

In that split second
I remembered
That on the Fifteenth of October
You would’ve turned 34
I was barely listening to him
Trying to convince me

I hated you for dying
For leaving me to listen to this
If you were here
Things would’ve been different
What have I turned into
That he could even suggest that?
He went on for a while
Before giving up

I thought
What would you have been like
At thirty four
I would’ve liked to have known you now
Twenty six was just too early
For you to die

Happy birthday baby
Here’s to you
My heart still
Doesn’t believe you’re gone
And turns to you for comfort
When people try to hurt me
How can a dead man’s love mean so much?

Sashikala Premawardhane

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