It’s good that you said what you said- “I don’t love you”

“ok” I responded “ I didn’t know”

“you knew all along” you accused

“what were you thinking? That I’ll be with you?”

“Why did you keep coming back if it was torture for you?”

 “I love someone else”

“If you love someone else, what were you doing with me?” I asked

“ I don’t know, I like you, that’s why”


I stopped talking

You had your own screwed up logic

Who was I to argue with that?

The dismissal was simple

There was nothing to be confused about

I felt like a fool

And bid you farewell


One thing though

You ought to know

Along the way these games will tire you out

And the women you love

Will find out- one day-

How you loved a girl without loving her

and how it broke her heart

and think what man is this that loves me?

Who can love without love without love.



Sashikala Premawardhane

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