I danced and danced and danced
All night
all the twirling will help
end the pain
the shortness of breath
the crazy smiling, crying, mood swings
and the talking to myself
yes- all this moving around
will end- me looking at the phone all the time
willing it to ring tonight
and in any case
what would be the point
even if it does ring
and even if it was you
no point really
no f#$*^@! point

I should wish you well
That’s what I should do
Gotta let all these things go
Stop re-living old conversations
hurtful stuff
yeah…. That’s what I should do
hard really

one day
When I think of you
I hope to feel nothing
Till then- though –
I wish you
pain, pain and more pain
like I’m feeling tonight
The kind that stays despite the dancing
In the New Year

Sashikala Premawardhane

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