I could hear the water
Lapping at the edge of the wall, softly
feel the sticky wind weighing down on my arm
taste the salt in the air
the fragrance of the intoxicating frangipani
and the wet grass beneath my feet

whenever I’m around you
everything is magnified
as if after a long slumber
my senses have awoken

It tires me out
This sensory overload
The adrenalin rush
& emotional chaos

When you turn and smile at me
And I smile back, nonchalantly,
You can’t really see
The waiting
The hoping
The fear
The arousal
All taking their toll

I feel as if
I’m standing on the edge
Of a precipice
On the heels of my feet
Hands outstretched
Ready to fall

And there you are
Just lounging on a chair
Smiling at me
and talking to your significant other
on the phone
Surprisingly, not a turn off

Should be though… should be

Sashikala Premawardhane

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