I have this image
in my head
of you and me
sitting side by side
on your black cushioned
cement couch
after love-making –of sorts-

weighing the words
you had blurted out
in the bedroom
you say
“I guess you won’t talk to me anymore”
I smile politely
when I should’ve screamed “You’re right, I won’t!”
I say calmly “I won’t do that”
as If I were the reincarnation of the Buddha
all –loving kindness- full of metta like

I was silently
for you to stop
feeling sorry for yourself

You had dealt a brutal blow
I am the one
licking my wounds

I left you
seated there
feeling strangely pitiful
at your self-imposed state of pain
Not quite comprehending
what I had let you do to me that night
I let you keep hurting me long after
until it got too much to bear

Things between us
have ended have they?

I’m still screaming
for you to stop.

Sashikala Premawardhane

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