I hate
that you take an inordinately long time
to comprehend things
The way
you just don’t see
right from wrong
till you’ve done the wrong
and seen the right
when I’ve told you what’s right all along
The way
you vacillate, change your mind,
and find “rational” explanations
for things which are irrational in essence
Convince yourself
of the truth of it all
and say, with conviction, “you have no idea what you’re talking about”
I falter, almost,
in that moment
but in my heart I know
this will not end well

More than that
I hate
watching you
make those mistakes
over and over again
Turn around and you say
“I was wrong” and “I’m sorry”
“Listen to me, this is important – I’m truly sorry”

I walked away
heart unable to cope with the pain
knowing this is how it would all turn out
in the end

Your remorse
two years
too late
as I knew it would
and filled my heart with regret

what if……
what if………..
what if…………………

Sashikala Premawardhane

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