Somehow when you said
“if you keep pushing me
I’ll walk away from this
and I said “so walk away”
I already knew
this was where you were heading
before you typed out those words
I knew you wanted
enough space to
go back to her

I grew very tired
of trying to make you love me
and I didn’t want to anymore

I wish I knew why
you kept coming back to me…..
and when you talk and rationalize
I stop listening
somewhere along the way
this has begun to bore me

you kept saying the same thing though
over and over again
only I never hear you
‘cos I don’t want to

“I don’t love you”

I repeat that to myself everyday now
in case I forget
and actually respond to random texts/e-mails you send me
once a month or so
friendly reminders of your existence I presume
jokes apart you should stop that

Walk away- funny how you have no idea what that means

Sashikala Premawardhane

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