I’m going to send you stuff you say
Why? I ask
I want to know what you think about them
Will you be sending me love notes too, I ask, hopefully,
What love notes? you say
From you to me, I say
tell me what you think when you get the stuff…..

Shall I send you stuff too? I ask
No! I don’t want you to send me things- you say
Why? I ask
Cos I don’t!
Oh ok, I say, confused
Just asking, they have killer men’s shoes over here
I don’t want anything, you say, insistently

So the stuff arrives two weeks or so later
no love notes either
I tell you I don’t like them much
Really? you ask, Why not?
Not my style really,
But I’m sure others will like it, I say

Also, in my e-mail arrives
A week or so after this
Love poems from you to her
For review
I just wrote those when I was pissed off, you say casually
Do you think they’re any good? you ask
They’re good I say and sad,
They make me feel sad
Why? you ask, why do they make you sad?
Don’t you get it?
What you write for her
Is what I write for you, I say

Love Notes Vs Love Poetry
My hope Vs her reality
And you

Sashikala Premawardhane

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