O, I am fortune’s fool!

My days are longer than yours
Sometimes inordinately so
Especially when songs are playing on the radio
That reminds me of how we were together
There were never enough seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour or hours in a day
In those days

I wonder whether you have forgotten me
When the radio plays “it will rain”

Along the way
These one sided conversations I’ve been having
With you, in my head,
Have dried up
I’ve stopped looking for you at random airports
In countries you have never been
And obsessing over miraculous returns

I don’t believe in miracles anymore

You didn’t leave “some morphine at my door”
a “friendly drop to help me after”
or goodbye

Just the space in my life
Where you used to be

12 years have passed
and I am still struggling
to understand why…….

Sashikala Premawardhane

P.S. I miss you, John Benedict, R.I.P


Song referred to and quoted from is “It will rain” by Bruno Mars
Quotes and parts of quotes contained in the poem are from “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare

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