October….. October…….
Hidden within
Are days which once upon a time
Brought great joy
Now they make me
Bleed from my eyes
Blood miraculously turn
To a salt-water like substance
when they- spring-
At unexpected moments of
And pour from my eyes
bleeding my heart dry

You wouldn’t know
When you see me smiling
The tempest within
I am filling my days with
Meaningless things so that
The hours grow short between
Awake and asleep
sometimes I make believe
That what I do each day is so very important
Imaginary worlds are so much better
Than real ones

When the 31st arrives
I’ll fold October thoughts
In a faraway corner
In my mind
Laugh at myself
For being so dramatic
About a silly month of memories
And make stupid resolutions about
how next October
I won’t dwell on these things

Resolutions. Who ever keeps those???

October …..October ………

Sashikala Premawardhane

I love u and miss you JB – now more than ever- RIP

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