Dad’s turning 81
And I say unforgivably
hey so birthday tomorrow
What are we going to do???
It’s today, his birthday, Amma says
Rolling her eyes
No it’s not -today is the 30th – his birthday is on the 31st
It’s on the 30th – it’s today- she insists
Oooooooops!!!!!and kisses are exchanged
He’s fussing
That akki hasn’t called
she didn’t call me last year either
He complains
She did I say
No she didn’t
It’s a new thing with her, he says
Amma scoffs -you are being very silly it’s only 7 am
It’s about 11 in Australia he retorts
Amma says pointedly at me
you didn’t wish me this year on my birthday either
Waaaaaat I say -but we went out, celebrated, clinked glasses, said cheers
Still she says, you didn’t wish me,
Not that I care, she adds
Shrugging her shoulders
I swear some days
it’s all about the little things
Ain’t it????

Quick text to akki- call the old man it’s his birthday

Sashikala Premawardhane


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