I am still me

A million pathways

Stretch out

Some winding, some straight

Some that just won’t start

From where I stand

Feet touching the ground


Events vacillate

From the mundane to the not so mundane

occasional violence

shocks me now to my core

earlier, where there was detachment,

,resignation at the inevitable,

I now feel


I admit envy at those being born

In these times

Blissfully unaware, of just how fragile, all this is

I have been robbed forever

Of that sense of security

I still fear the return of violence

Of the indiscriminate kind

No amount of reassurance can restore that


Walking, on new walking paths

The fresh air on my face

And the ability to just be

Makes me smile


You see

For a few years, now,

I have been free


As I stand here, though,

Feet touching this great land

With a million pathways of possibilities

Stretching out


I fear, I am still me…………………

 Sashikala Premawardhane


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