When you write sweet nothings

On her Facebook wall

Like a giddy teenager

Smiley faces and exclamation marks

Completely unsuited to your sullen ways

It’s like rubbing salt into the wounds

You’ve created in my heart

Any scrap of affection she throws

you devour, ravenously

falling over yourself

in comparison

you deal with me in measured doses

careful and calculated

perhaps it’s the open abandonment with which you love her

that hurts the most

and those rules and frameworks, you have for me,

that are so eagerly thrown, amended or abandoned

to suit her every whim and fancy

when she decides she will love you for a bit

those days when she has no one better to do

I remember the years you spent

In the depths of your despair

Caused by her rejection of your love

Swearing how you’ll never, EVER, let her close

The you that you were then

Is me now

I am hopeful though

That Facebook will devise

A permanent “defriend” button soon

You know the kind that says

De-friend forever

So that I don’t leave giddy comments on your FB page

At a “heaven forbid” date

in the future!

Sashikala Premawardhane

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