I don’t love you anymore

you said

and I stood there

not quite sure I heard you right

what do you mean? I ask

needing that split second, before you respond

to wrap my head around the idea

of you, falling out of love, with me

I didn’t really need to ask

I asked anyway

maybe, I hoped, if I asked

you’d change your mind

maybe, I hoped, if I asked

you’d explain yourself, give me reasons

maybe, I hoped, if i asked

you’d say something different

maybe, I don’t know, maybe

I adjusted to the thought that, in that split second,

in as few as 5 words

my world had changed

you had changed

I had changed


we could never go back

No amount of split seconds of regret or remorse

could change that fact

Sashikala Premawardhane

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