I thought I knew me
Till I saw you
At midnight, wrapped around her waist
Dangling, at the edges,
All woolly and warm
I shouldn’t have interrupted
Should’ve stayed, politely away
Talked after
You know been more civilized
Instead, I sauntered over
Asked her what she was doing with you
And did you know we were together
Looked surprised
And said
Didn’t he tell you that we’re together???
Thing is we’d broken up years before
Hadn’t seen you in ages
You fumbled, looked guilty
And I could say it was all over
She untangled herself from you
You pleaded, explained, said I was crazy
I smiled patiently
And told her
He always does this
But we’ve been together for years
And watched as she ran out the door screaming insults
It was funny
How all the woolly warmness turned cold in that instant
And I liked how it felt

I thought I knew me
Till I saw you
With her…..

Sashikala Premawardhane


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