You used to turn it on
And off
At will
Vacillating between
Burning passion and
Cold indifference
Till all the steam ran out
Things got too serious
Some days when insanity hits
I miss the fights
The kissing and making up
The fierce, desperate, bearing of the soul
But just mostly
How alive all that madness made me feel

Don’t get me wrong
I was tired of always being unhappy and exhausted
And glad I didn’t have to be responsible
For how you felt anymore
When it was all over
There was relief
When the phone stopped ringing
And i stopped hoping
We’d ever amount to anything

I liked the quiet contentment
Of mundane life
And the familiarity of routine

Till the madness returned
Like the tide
Engulfing me
Afraid of drowning
I swam ashore
Left you on the seafront
So, you could be swept
Into the sea
It wasn’t easy
Walking away
Your voice was hoarse
From screaming for me to stop
The roles had reversed

Ours is that kind of love story
Where, parallel roads, rarely meet
And when they do
There is no happy ending.

Sashikala Premawardhane

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