Almost dawn
Unsure of what I want
I’m getting up to leave
Picking up pieces of me
That lay scattered
On your bedroom floor
Words from you
Penetrated this wall I built
Brick by brick
I’m easily shattered
By your smooth talk
I take leave of my intelligence
As you stoke the fires of my ego
The need to be admired?? Loved??? Romanced???
I’m not sure, which,
Makes me easy – when it comes to you
Somewhere , deep within, I know this
Even as I walk towards you
And away
I’ve stayed for too long
In your embrace
Lying discarded
I pick up the pieces
Of what’s left of me
And put me together, again,
This one last time
I say to myself

This one last time …..

I’ll stay

Sashikala Premawardhane

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