There’s no one to save you

from yourself

just you,

No twist in this tale,

no dramatic beginning or end

all that,

has come, and gone

what’s left

are the imprints,  of broken promises

much of which

you’ve made to yourself

of how things are going to be,

that perfect everything, that was supposed to be your life,

if you so choose, you can erase them all,

or not,

leave them, lying in parts,

or not,

or start anew,

It’s up to you,

repeating this to myself, doesn’t help

I am difficult to convince

I find

captured by the constant duel

between the heart and the mind

I remain trapped

in an unconquerable time warp that’s

mocking me ……….


Sashikala Premawardhane

26 May, 2018

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