you said, “we should think about this….”

cos, it’s all wrong

this thing, we’re doing with each other

and that it is


this should mean less

than what it does right now

but why does it feel like more?

why does it feel like everything

and nothing at the same time

why does this make me feel like me for the first time?


Stolen moments, in the darkness,

where we can be who we really are, for a second

will I feel the same if they were not? stolen?

and you and I were

just two ordinary people, being happy with each other

or will normality mean

we would have to deal with

each other for a much longer time, out there in the light

where ordinary things happen…


and then, will we lose the words?

the yearning?

the torment?

the love?

and be forced to be other than who we are with each other?

You’re right “we should think about this….”


Sashikala Premawardhane

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